Erewash Launches Car Park ‘Transfer’ Tickets

Motorists visiting Ilkeston and Long Eaton town centres can now transfer their pay and display tickets between certain car parks.

The move is another New Year scheme as part of Erewash Borough Council’s wider town centre regeneration programme, with councillors confirming the ‘transferability’ promotion is a permanent one.

Notices in the car parks that are part of the transfer scheme are now in place on the tariff boards alongside the pay and display machines. The boards are marked with two categories - a blue circle, and a red square. Tickets can be transferred between car parks within each of these categories.

The notice boards now show the car parks that can shoppers can switch between:

•    Blue circle short stay car parks: Ilkeston – Albion Centre, Albion Centre extension, Club Row, Queen Street and South Street. Long Eaton – Beaconsfield Street and lower

     Town Hall.

•    Red square long stay car parks: Ilkeston – East Street, Baker Street, Chapel Street, Pimlico, Station Road, Wilton Place. Long Eaton – Claye Street, Gibb Street, Lawrence


Councillor Barbara Harrison, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, says:

“This is more good news as 2015 gets underway and is another clear example of our commitment to helping boost trade within our town centres and to making it easier for shoppers to explore and move around when visiting Ilkeston and Long Eaton.

“We have looked at the best car parks to include in the transferable ticket system and we are confident it will be welcomed and well-used by visitors.”

The ‘ticket transfer’ scheme in selected car parks has been introduced as part of a New Year double by Erewash Borough Council which has also launched its free one-hour parking in some of its busiest town centre car parks.

New Speciality Markets For Ilkeston?

A move to hold speciality Tuesday markets in Ilkeston looks set to be given the green light by Erewash Borough Council this week.

Councillors at this Thursday’s Executive meeting are expected to agree that the council can establish and operate the new market – with the first one possibly being Shrove Tuesday speciality stalls on Tuesday 17 February.

The idea is part of the council’s on-going programme to help regenerate Ilkeston town centre through a wide range of initiatives.

If agreed, funds already available will be used to stage the proposed Shrove Tuesday market and if that proves successful in attracting traders and visitors to Ilkeston opportunities for further markets would then be explored.

Councillor Geoffrey Smith, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Regeneration and Planning, says:

“Speciality markets can be very popular and add to the attractiveness and vitality of a town centre. We need to put the framework in place to enable us to look at an occasional speciality Tuesday market for Ilkeston as we continue our drive to help boost our town centres.”

At this week’s meeting, councillors will be asked to approve the establishment of the new market in Ilkeston under section 50 of the Food Act 1984 – a move that is necessary to allow the council to operate a market on a Tuesday.

The meeting of Council Executive is this Thursday 22 January at 10.30am at Long Eaton Town Hall.

Gnome News Is Good News!

Ilkeston’s newest roundabout is now officially called Gnome Island after Erewash Borough Council’s Planning Committee gave its backing to the name last night (Wednesday).

The official name for the Nottingham Road traffic island was gnome-inated by local residents in a fun campaign that led to more than 500 people signing an e-petition that was submitted to the council.

The traffic island, alongside the Morrisons superstore, has been a major talking point in the town and captured the imagination of locals when gnomes started to appear on the roundabout.

As the campaign gathered pace, an Ilson Gnome Facebook page and Twitter account  were set up – and both were busy all yesterday as followers turned to social media ahead of last night’s meeting to tweet and post their support with a #voteYESfor GnomeIsland thread.

Councillor Geoffrey Smith, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Regeneration and Planning, says:

“From this gnome-ment on, the traffic island won’t have to resort to a Gnome de Plume but will have an official name. This has been one of the more light-hearted items we have had to deal with and it has been fun – not least to see the creative gnome puns that have been doing the rounds! As to who is behind them all . . . maybe we need to set Sherlock Gnomes on the case!”

Ilkeston currently now has three roundabouts which already have ‘street names’, the other two being White Lion Square and Rutland Square.

Can You Vote In This Year Of The Treble?

Erewash residents are being urged to make it a New Year resolution to ensure they are registered to vote – with 2015 seeing an election hat trick!

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday 7 May for three elections – the General Election, Erewash Borough Council election and the Parish Council elections.

It is quick and easy to register online, with residents only needing their date of birth and National Insurance number to ensure they have the right to vote. Visit

Councillor Carol Hart, Erewash Borough Council’s Deputy Leader and Lead Member for Community Engagement, says:

“The right to vote is an important and precious thing, it gives us all a chance to have our say and that is why our New Year message is clear – please ensure you are properly registered. This is a big year for elections and the countdown to the 7 May is already underway, so please take action now.”

A new and more secure system of registering to vote was introduced nationally last year. Called
Individual Electoral Registration (IER), the new system means that everyone old enough to vote has to take the responsibility to ensure they are on the voting register. It replaces the previous system, where the ‘head of the household’ could register everyone living in a property.

Most voters have registered online, but residents can email the council’s elections team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or telephone 0115 907 1190 to request a form by post.
For more details on IER visit

One Hour Free Parking In Erewash

Free one-hour parking in selected car parks comes into force on 5th January as part of Erewash Borough Council’s six month trial to further boost town centre regeneration.
The 60p one hour charge has been abolished in 11 car parks in Ilkeston – East Street, Baker Street, Chapel Street, Pimlico, Station Road, Wilton Place, Albion Centre, Albion Centre extension, Club Row, Queen Street and South Street.
In Long Eaton, the town centre car parks on Claye Street, Gibb Street, Beaconsfield Street, Lawrence Street and the lower Town Hall are in the scheme.
Councillors agreed to run the one hour free parking as a pilot until Sunday 28 June in the busiest town centre car parks and the scheme will replace the free 30-minute bays that have previously been available.
Shoppers can park in any of the bays in the car parks offering the free parking at any time of the day but must obtain a ticket from the pay and display machine by pressing the green button. The free ticket will give the expiry time and this must be clearly displayed in the vehicle. 
Councillor Barbara Harrison, Erewash Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, says:
“We are delighted to start the New Year with this very positive move that we know has already been welcomed by both traders and residents alike. We see this as a major step in our continued drive to support our town centres and it follows discussions with local businesses, the Chamber of Trade and local residents who felt that an increased period of free parking would be beneficial.
“This council will continue to do all it can to help with the wider regeneration of Ilkeston and Long Eaton town centres – but we hope this key offer will encourage more residents to show their support for their town. Over the six months we will be asking traders to help us monitor the impact and see if it does make a difference.”
The launch of the free one-hour parking follows the popular FREE-cember promotion which saw the council offer free 24-hour parking in all its car parks throughout December.
Residents should note that it is the 60p tariff that has been abolished – if someone wants to park for two hours or more then they must pay those rates in full.