Candidates Announced For Borough Council Elections

There will be 131 candidates standing in next month’s Erewash Borough Council elections, which take place on Thursday 7 May.

Following the close of nominations, the 131 were formally confirmed. Five political parties plus Independents are represented in the elections, which will see 47 councillors elected in total to represent the borough’s 19 wards.

The political parties taking part and the number of candidates each are fielding in the borough elections are as follows:

•    Conservative Party (47 candidates)
•    Labour Party (47 candidates)
•    UK Independence Party (UKIP) (19 candidates)

•    Liberal Democrats ( 12 candidates)
•    Green Party (4 candidates)
•    Independents (2)

A full list of the candidates and the wards they are contesting can be found in ‘Latest News’ on the home page of the council’s website,  - where there is also a link to the list of candidates for the Parish Council elections in Erewash.